Good car policy! Auto parts soared. Air conditioning of this enterprise is the leading one in China and the fifth in the world

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2022-11-01 17:51

On April 7, the Ministry of industry and information technology further relaxed the entry threshold for new energy vehicle manufacturers and products

In the draft for comments, the requirements on "design and development capability" for new energy vehicle manufacturers to apply for admittance, the time for new energy vehicle manufacturers to stop production from 12 months to 24 months, the Interim Provisions on the transition period for new energy vehicle manufacturers to apply for admittance, and the deletion of new pure electric vehicle manufacturers shall meet the requirements of "new pure electric vehicle" Management regulations.

In February of this year, China's auto production and sales fell sharply. Auto production and sales completed 285000 and 310000 respectively, down 79.8% and 79.1% year on year. From January to February, automobile production and sales reached 2.048 million and 2.238 million, down 45.8% and 42% year on year. The China Automobile Industry Association predicts that China's total auto sales will drop 5% this year.

The association called for government incentives. At present, stimulus measures have been launched continuously. As follows:

On March 18, the Ministry of Commerce said recently that it would further study and promote policies and measures such as automobiles with relevant departments, promote the transformation from automobile purchase restriction to guiding use policies, and support and guide local governments to formulate bonus and subsidy policies

On March 18, the Ministry of industry and Information Technology launched four measures to help automobile enterprises return to work

On March 24, Zhejiang provincial government issued 16 specific measures to boost consumption, including encouraging Hangzhou to relax the restrictions on auto purchase in an orderly manner

March 24 Beijing is studying and formulating policies and measures to promote automobile consumption.

March 25 Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission: detailed rules for the implementation of policies to boost automobile consumption are being formulated

Today, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the decision of the Ministry of industry and information technology on Amending the regulations on the administration of new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises and product access (Draft for comments) on its website, and the concept of complete vehicle and auto parts rose sharply.

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