This Transmission Cable or be called Gear Shift Cable also which is suitable for PEUGEOT 307-308. This kind of cable is used in the Automobile to change gear to control the speed and torque.
This Speedometer Cable is apply to model HF-6700 of JA-C, which is high quality secured.
The product is called Speedometer Cable or Odometer Cable, which is available for NKR series of ISU-ZU. It’s in high quality and good performance.
Accelerator Cable which is also called Speedometer Cable for NKR OF ISU-ZU. The product’s good quality provides its good performance.
Choke Cable, as long as it is an engine fueled by a carburetor, whichever brands or models of automobile, it is equipped with this device.
Clutch Cable, it’s apply on ATV, motorcycle, agriculture, machines etc. The pictured cable is for motorcycle which part number is T0702DKG0021N. It’s hot sale in Middle East.
The cable is Speed cable of which part number: T13090AE0040E. It’s suitable to apply on motorcycle GUSTO.
The cable is for model J106, the application is as its name Speed Cable. This cable is coded T0702GKN0171N.
Gear Cable for Automobile.
The pictured cable is named Gear Cable or called Shift cable fits on CAN-AM MAVERIC X3 TURBO 2017-19. GM511809 is its part number.
Production name: Gear Cable Part number: PT02328 and PT02358, both we have. Application: available for ATV
Production name: Gear Cable Part No.: PT04164
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