Throttle Cable Replacement Cycle

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2022-11-01 17:55

Theoretically speaking, it is not necessary to replace the throttle cable under the premise that there is no malfunction, but it can...

The line next to it is the accelerator pump line. When the accelerator is tightened sharply, the carburetor can spray a stream of oil into the throat to improve the acceleration during rapid acceleration. This accelerator pump only works when the accelerator is tightened sharply. It does not work when the accelerator is tightened normally or slowly. Vehicles equipped with this type of carburetor should pay attention not to tighten the accelerator when parking, otherwise, gasoline will be injected into the cylinder, causing flooding and waste of gasoline.

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Overview of throttle line

Both lines of the motorcycle lead to the throttle handle on the right of the handlebar, and the one on the top is the throttle line, which is responsible for controlling the throttle valve and the oil needle, that is, controlling the throttle.


Principle of accelerator cable

The traditional cable accelerator is connected to the accelerator pedal by one end of a steel wire and the throttle valve by the other end. Its transmission ratio is 1:1, that is, the opening angle of the throttle valve is the same as how many feet we step on. However, in many cases, the throttle valve should not be opened at such a large angle, so the opening angle of the throttle valve is not necessarily the most scientific. Although this method is very direct, its control accuracy is poor. The electronic accelerator controls the opening of the throttle valve through cables or wire harnesses. On the surface, it replaces the traditional accelerator cable with cables, but in essence, it is not just a simple change in the connection mode, but it can automatically control the power output of the entire vehicle.


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