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Gear Cable

Production name: Gear Cable Part No.: PT04164

Product Category:

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Product Description

Production name: Gear Cable

Part No.: PT04164



Product Specification



Environmental and Durable,1+12,1+15, 1+16,1+12+1

Inner Wire

Silver color, Φ1.2mm-3.6mm

Outer Casing

Φ 7mm-15mm



Product Material

High carbon steel, hardware and rubber



1. Every cable will be packed by single bag or a certain number of cables to be packed into one bags, this is optional. We have optional bags of Customize / FULIDA logo / Neutral, only Neutral is free.

2. After bags packing, we will pack by cartons and tied by packing belt to ensure you receive goods in good conditions.



Shipping / Delivery

1. Shipping terms: By sea or by air, we export on behalf or your own agent name export

2. Payment terms: T/T and L/C, we prefer T/T. 30% payment of order amount before production.


Products expansion

We manufacture all kinds of control cables, such as Brake cable, Speedometer cable, Clutch cable, Throttle/ Accelerator cable, etc. Cables are available for Automobile, motorcycle, machines and so on.

We produced cables for some famous brands, for example, TOYOTA, ISUZU, MITSUBISHI and NISSAN.


Other descriptions and Service:

1. OEM accepted;

2. Certification: ISO/TS16949;

We will keep our services even after sale, surely our productions will be in quality.

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*Note: Please be sure to fill in the information accurately and keep the communication open, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible